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A helpful flyer


    A couple weeks ago it was bully awareness week well my digital communication teacher told us the make a flyer about it. so I did. Bully awareness was a while ago just now writing about it, plus it’s always good to be aware of the bullying and the cyberbullying.

 On my flyer it has a link to At this website it talks about how to prevent bullying and how to stop. How to ask for help. If you would like to leave a comment.

Update #2

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  For my passion project I needed a mentor. As my mentor I was going to find a pen pal to talk to and learn from the culture. Unfortunately I haven’t heard back from the website to be able to have one.

    As I did my research on French and their culture, the art, ect. I learned that it’s hard to learn a language around people who do not speak it. When we were younger, we learn what language we grow up with by our , teachers, and other people to hear it from. So back to my point, I used an app on my phone to try and teach myself. Well that failed in a way. I know the basics and I can spell them out. Well that is my update.

Passion project update #1.


    So for on my passion project I have looked around trying to find a website to talk to a pen pal. One thing I am worried about is finding a website and then signing up to something bad.   I found one website called Pen Pal School. I signed up and now I wait. they said there was a waiting list so we shall see.

  The app I downloaded to learn the basic language of french. still working on that but I have noticed I say more words in french when I am talking to someone. Or simple greetings or saying please and thank you.


Suicide Awareness: Sharing some stories


Seems several books I’ve read lately, a movie I stumbled upon last weekend and an article shared with me by a student yesterday all have to do with suicide. I just looked it up, and Suicide Awareness month was September, but should we really lose focus the rest of the year? No. I work with teenagers, and this morning it just feels like there is a reason it’s all come at me in this short span of time.

I won’t spend a lot of time saying what needs to be said more often: suicide is too final. Those contemplating suicide are likely experiencing a narrowed focus, where options appear more limited than they are. This is why folks say to talk to someone. The someones – the right someones – can help you widen the perspective, help you see things from a different point of view and realize that there is…

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My passion project!!

   What is your passion? What do you want to do? What do you want to learn? How are you going to do it? My teacher asked me these questions after telling me I was going to make a passion project. Then I realized I don’t know.  She told us we needed to think of one of our passions and make a project out of it less than 10 weeks. So I did.

    At first I had trouble picking one of my passions. I started with my MMA class. We have woman defense teaching coming up and I thought maybe I could do something for the school. Run a class to teach girls to defend themselves in times of trouble. Then why don’t I just ask them to come to the class I’m going to? Plus there is that liability issues and a whole lot of other stuff. So I decided to think of something else. I would like to learn a new language! I decided French. Language of love they say. I have always admired the French. I would love to go to Paris! So I started to write down some more ideas about what I could do with French. I decided to have a pen pal from France.

  • My first step was to actually learn the language. At least the basics. So I downloaded an app on my phone to learn the basics of French.
  • Once I get the basics of French down, I need to figure out what I am going to say or talk about.
  • Find the right website to get a Pen Pal.
  • Learn the culture.


        Now most people have Twitter, well almost everyone does. I just made an account for myself to do the #ff. If you do not know what that is, it means follow friday. I tweeted “#ff  fav 5 new followers” then listed the only five people who were following me at the time. HaHa. One of people I followed is Arbys because it has the best Reuben sandwich in town. Cylin Busby is one of my favorite authors.Three Days Grace one of my favorite bands. I have loved this band for awhile. Disney pixar because some of my favorite childhood movies are made by them. Kyra Gracie. If you read some of my other post I am in brazilian Jui-Jitsu. She is a female grappler in the Gracie family. She is one of my idols.

      I just found out what #ff meant this past friday. I actually find Twitter a nuisance. Not downgrading anything, l already have the Facebook and Instagram  plus the other Apps I have in the social networking. Anyway, I think the universe was telling me something when I had to go back and change my password like five times to get into the account. In a way I could use Twitter for certain assessments for my digital communication class, follow my favorite authors, News favorite bands, Etc.  Educational purposes right? If you happen to have one, comment and I’ll follow you.

Google me.

user: fak1911@
user: fak1911@

So I searched myself on google to see if I could find any of my Digital Footprints. Well I  succeeded and found myself.

 Most of the stuff I found about myself is my old facebook profiles. This group I was in called the Viper pit was made on Facebook in 2012. I have not seen the people in the videos in a long time. Looking back at how I used to be and what I looked like and seeing the people in my old martial arts class is a little weird-or how in 2014 I typed “lol” on a picture and Google found me.

  I found a woman who graduated in 2013 who has the same exact name as I do. A music artist has the same name. I typed the meaning of my name and it said that Adina meant delicate and gentle. My name is also in the Bible. Its origins are from 1 Chronicles 11:42, it says it is the name of a Reubenite warrior who was in King David’s army known for his strength and bravery. “Adina the son of Shiza the Reubenite, a captain of the Reubenites.” May be a guy but still cool.  

   What I found was all good. When I go and apply for college or a job they would be pleased. What about yours? To keep good Digital foot prints try to be positive when you are online. Don’t put out so much personal information. People would be able to see that. If someone would go and type your name in and search you, they could see anything you put online.

  On any website: like Facebook Gmail Twitter, ect. I’m sure you change the settings to how ever private you would like. On my Facebook you can’t see anything I post, or what pictures I like, any of my personal information unless you are my friend. I have had so many issues with people online and I was so grateful when I figured it out.  

Ted reflection.

  What have I watched recently in my Digital communications class is this video of this 12 year old girl named  Adora Svitak. In this video she makes an inspiring speech about how adults should learn from kids.

   In her video,  Adora makes an excellent point, how adults have child like behavior and adult like behavior, but in many children adult like behavior is common. I believe it’s how their brain has developed. Another point she stated, how i think children have such good imaginations how they can come up with the impossible simply because they do not know the impossible. I find  this astonishing!! Sadly, children grow up they start to realize the reality of life. That the possible is impossible, I believe this starts to happen when the child starts to grow. They start thinking like an adult. For like an example my little sister Destaney; when she was about 5 or 6 she would come up with the most exhilarating stories, but now she is 10 and I have tried to get her to tell s

tories for me like she used to but it will not happen.

   A person who inspires is this girl who I go to church with. I can never remember her name but I know she is in 11th or 12th grade. Well she started this program to help young women and single parents. They will provide food, a place to stay a place with love and care for little babies and young parents. I find it inspiring  that a girl about my age is raising money for the need. She has put so much of her time to make a change in the next generation.

    During Adora’s speech there was so many teachers and students, all these adults listening to what she had to say, I would hope that all of them would take and consider to listen to even more children and learn from them. be able to teach and learn from other children and be inspired the way I was.

  Adora’s speech was amazing, she was confident,, she was prepared. The way she kept her audience was thru making comedy.  One thing I think she could have worked on was the paper in her hands. I feel like she knew what she was doing. if she had some index cards to remember where she is at. If she needed it that’s okay, because she did well all together.

   With me I needed to lean on something to be able to present my speech in front of ten other people, but Adora was amazing. I repeated some words. if i was more confident in myself i would have done better. one thing i knew I was okay at was I used my words, I explained what I was talking about I used examples to get you to imagine what I was talking about.

   You are never going to be comfortable in front of crowds unless you’re that one person who likes being a center of attention. I could do it I just need to know how to prepared.

What adults can learn from kids – Adora Svitak – YouTube

my first blog!!

Hello!! this is my first time writing a blog. I have been looking around on the site and so for i love it!!

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